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Everything's OK ... If You Look at It That Way, a benefit tribute CD of Brett's songs, covered by artists Daniel Johnston, Wooden Eye, Dawn Boyer, The RMS Five, Rachael Davis, Doug & Dave Smith with Dave Morgan, and others. Order Now...

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Just In!

Everything's OK ... If You Look at It That Way

A Benefit Tribute CD for Brett Hartenbach

$15 plus $2 s/h

A compilation of songs written by Brett Hartenbach, covered and interpreted by musicians across the nation who have worked with and love Brett.


  1. Texas 1983 (for Daniel Johnston, with Respect) Wooden Eye
  2. A Momentary Twist Stan Moeller
  3. All of a Sudden(ly) T.S. Baker
  4. Don't Count on Winnin' The RMS Five
  5. Worn Out Records & Tired Hymns Rachael Davis
  6. Whiz Kid Daniel Johnston
  7. With Every Change Dawn Boyer
  8. Too Much Like a Woman Doug & Dave with Dave Morgan
  9. The Turnpike Song Bedroxx
  10. Love Supremo (Could I Be) LoRoHo
  11. All of a Sudden T.S. Baker
  12. Crosstown Anne Grasser
  13. If You Look at It That Way Jim Scafide

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"Normal" album cover

Limited Edition EP

"Normal: Daniel Johnston Live"

Recorded on May 12, 2012 at the Rochester Opera House

Available on vinyl, cassette, and digital download

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